pilot-link, Visor & USB

Tony Hacche agh at nosc.ja.net
Thu Jun 12 03:01:42 PDT 2003


I know there are issues with syncing Palms via USB, but thought I would ask
the colective wisdom of this list anyway ;o)

I followed the howto at http://www.geekhome.net/palm.html to get my HandSpring
Visor syncing with pilot-link via the USB port (running FreeBSD v4.8 by the

What I did went something like this:

(1) Reconfigured kernel to include support for ucom and uvisor (uhci and usb
    support was already there). Removed support for all other usb related stuff
    that I don't use (ohci, ugen, uhid, ulpt, umass, ums, uscanner, urio, aue,
    cue, kue).

(2) make buildkernel KERNCONF=LOCAL   (LOCAL being the name of my modified)
    make installkernel KERNCONF=LOCAL (kernel configuration file)

(3) Removed all the crap from /etc/usbd.conf and added:
    device "Handspring Visor"
           devname "ucom0"
           vendor  0x082d
           product 0x0100
           release 0x0100

(4) Created the appropriate devices in /dev:
    sh MAKEDEV ucom
    sh MAKEDEV ucom0
    ln -s /dev/ucom0 pilot
    ln -s /dev/ucom0 palm
    ln -s /dev/ucom0 visor

(5) Added my user login to the dialer group.

(6) Installed JPilot (and therefore pilot-link) from the ports collection.

(7) Rebooted.

(8) Ran tail -f /var/log/messages and hit the HotSync button on the USB
    cradle to check thhat the Visor was talking to ucom0

    bash-2.05b$ tail -f /var/log/messages 
    Jun 11 16:32:30 mulder /kernel: ucom0: Handspring Inc Handspring Visor, rev
    1.00/1.00, addr 2
    Jun 11 16:32:30 mulder /kernel: ucom0: Handspring Inc Handspring Visor, rev
     1.00/1.00, addr 2
    Jun 11 16:32:35 mulder /kernel: ucom0: at uhub0 port 2 (addr 2) disconnected
    Jun 11 16:32:35 mulder /kernel: ucom0: detached

(9) Added the PILOTPORT=/dev/ucom0 environment variable to my login script.

(10) Fired up install-user from the pilot-link application (hit HotSync button
     on USB cradle first to get Visor talking to ucom0) which claims then to be
     listening to ucom0, /var/log/messages reported and IO error and
     install-user just sits there. When you kill install-user this crashes the
     machine and forces it to reboot. Not nice.

It was all going so well until the last part ;o) Can anyone offer any words of
wisdom as to where I went wrong and how to correct it?




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