Vinum & Firewire?

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Wed Jun 11 16:05:53 PDT 2003

I was wondering if you've had any time to look at this?  If I am a nusiance,
please tell me and I'll go away.  If you're still extremely busy, I'll
continue to wait patiently.


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>> Did you receive this note?
> Yes.
>> I don't mean to be a pest but was hoping you might have some
>> other suggestions on what to try next.  I'd really like to
>> get this working before I restore all of my data.
> Sorry for the delay.  When I get messages which have been
> messed up like this one, I usually tidy them up so that I can
> read them.  This takes time, and they end up at the back of
> the queue.  I'm currently very busy, so it's taking longer.
> As soon as I have time, I'll tidyit up and reply to it.

I’m sorry that the format was mangled.  I am forced to use 
Microsoft Outlook at work which is where I write most of my email.

Hopefully you will find this version much more readable.  I
appreciate any assistance you may give when you have time.



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>>> On Thursday, 15 May 2003 at 15:18:03 -0700, Drew Tomlinson
>>> wrote:
>>>>> I have created a large vinum volume consisting of one 
>>>>> concatenated plex.  The volume uses 3 drives.  Two of the
>>>>> three are IDE drives mounted in the system case and 
>>>>> attached to the IDE controller on the motherboard.  A
>>>>> volume made from these two drives functioned flawlessly
>>>>> for over a year.
>>>>> Then the volume finally filled so I added another IDE 
>>>>> drive.  However I did not have room in the system case
>>>>> so I put the drive in a firewire enclosure and added a
>>>>> firewire card to the system.  Everything seems to work
>>>>> fine once the system is up and running.
>>>>> The problem is that upon boot, the firewire drive is not
>>>>> available to vinum as indicated in this 'list' command:
>>>>> D ftp2                  State: referenced       Device  Avail: 0/0 MB
>>>>> Which, of course, leads to a 'corrupt' plex and 'crashed' subdisk:
>>>>> P ftp.p0              C State: corrupt  Subdisks:     3 Size: 223 GB
>>>>> S ftp.p0.s2             State: crashed  PO:      149 GB Size: 74 GB
>>>>> I suspect the cause is that the firewire drive is not
>>>>> ready at the time vinum starts.
>>>> That's one possibility.
>>>>> Can anyone confirm or deny this?
>>>> I haven't used firewire at all, so I can't say.  But it
>>>> would seem that if you stop Vinum and start it when the
>>>> firewire drive is up, you should be able to confirm this
>>>> yourself by restarting and seeing what happens.
>>> I tried this.  Because my /usr is also a vinum volume, I
>>> rebooted with 'boot -s' then issued a start command.  Same
>>> error with ftp2.
>>> Next, I used the create command to redefine the drive,
>>> stopped and started the plex and subdisks, and then mounted
>>> the volume.  Wrote some data to it to test. Volume was 
>>> working.
>>> I rebooted again with 'boot -s' but the problem persisted.
>>> ftp2 remains in a 'referenced 0/0MB' state.
>>>>> Is there a way to add a delay in the boot process to 
>>>>> allow the firewire drive extra time?
>>>> I'm sure there is, but first we should determine whether
>>>> that's really the problem.
>>> Agreed.  Thanks for keeping me focused.
>>>>> Should I not use vinum with firewire devices?
>>>> That would be a workaround.  It should definitely work.
>>> I'll be out of town for the next two days but am happy to
>>> test and provide info when I return.  I still consider myself
>>> a 'newbie' so do not be afraid to ask obvious questions.
>>> Thanks for your help!
>>> Drew

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