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tom miller audiotec69 at
Wed Jun 11 11:06:07 PDT 2003

i installed bsd 4.8 on a amd 266 with 256 meg orram and a 10 gig hdd mb mvp3c
installation went smooth after i got everything configured i started workin on getting sound installed i added device        pcm to the config file and i started to recompile after 3 attempts i got error code 1 on umass.o (usb mass storage) i disabeled it and recompiled and it was successful i went to kde and i configured the sound system in there and all i got was static i rebooted and the sound was still "static" so to speak, if i went in to sound system and i checked network transparancey and applied it it worked fine adn if i unchecked it it still worked fine but the next time i rebooted the machine i would have "static" comming thru my speakers when a sound plays have any idea as to what i can do or try to resolve this?

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