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John DeStefano deesto at
Wed Jun 11 10:48:27 PDT 2003

As Gary suggested below, I have commented out, clear as day, "# enable dns" in my /etc/ppp/ppp.conf file, but my network settings keep getting hosed each time I reboot!  My domain keeps gettting erased from my /etc/resolv.conf, and my /var/log/messages is now being filled with series of messages like this:Jun 11 08:19:33 gandalf inetd[580]: netbios-ssn/tcp: bind: Address already in use
Jun 11 08:23:23 gandalf dhclient: New Network Number:
Jun 11 08:23:23 gandalf dhclient: New Broadcast Address:

Is there another file/setting that's being consulted somewhere at boot time?  Gary mentioned it may be due to a smbd, netbios-ssn, or DCHP setting, but he's unfamiliar with those services.

Gary Jennejohn <garyj at> wrote:
John DeStefano writes:
> I check the file, this line disappears. I noticed also
> that something seems to be auto-resolving my ISP's DNS servers and adding 
> their entries to resolv.conf, which would be fine if it didn't keep erasing
> my entries!

If you're using ppp and have this: `` enable dns'' in your ppp.conf
then ppp will overwrite /etc/resolv.conf every time you connect to your
ISP. Don't use that option.

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