mounting Win with spaces via samba in fstab

Matthew Emmerton matt at
Wed Jun 11 07:52:17 PDT 2003

> I'm trying to mount a remote Windows directory, which happens to have a
space in its name; "mount -a" returns the following error:
> fstab: /etc/fstab:14: Inappropriate file type or format
> I have tried both of the following formats:
> //user at host/Win\ Partition     /mountpoint   smbfs   rw     0   0
> "//user at host/Win Partition"   /mountpoint   smbfs   rw     0   0
> I pulled this format directly from "man mount_smbfs 8":
> "//guest at samba/public        /smb/public     smbfs   rw,noauto 0  0"
> I searched the archives, and it seems this question had been asked once
before, but no conclusion was reached:

I think the problem is that the fstab(5) file format treats spaces as field
delimiters, and the routines used to parse fstab
(/usr/src/lib/libc/gen/fstab.c, fstabscan() in particular) do not know how
to handle escaped spaces nor quoted fields.

Matt Emmerton

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