PPPoE (user ppp) no longer working

Khairil Yusof khairil_yusof at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 11 07:31:49 PDT 2003

Any help on this would be really appreciated.. I'm clueless right now as
to what's wrong, and dialup is slow and unstable.

Before Monday, my adsl connection never had any problems, but now I get
this error when trying to connect:

Warning:  Unexpected node type ``socket'' (wanted ``ether'')
Failed to open PPPoE:fxp1

Can a change by my ISP cause this error?
Is it my modem (ISP supplied, never touched any settings)
Or I inadvertantly changed a FreeBSD setting?

Relevant entry in ppp.conf:

    set ifaddr
    set MRU 1492
    set device PPPoE:fxp1 # replace xl1 with your ethernet device
    set authname xxxxxx
    set authkey xxxxxx
    set dial
    set login
    add default HISADDR

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