X TrueType font spacing

Jesse D. Guardiani jesse at wingnet.net
Wed Jun 11 06:25:10 PDT 2003

parv wrote:

> in message <bc5h87$nb8$1 at main.gmane.org>, wrote Jesse D. Guardiani
> thusly...
>> EVERY TIME, the WXP fonts will display fine in MOST KDE
>> applications, but occassionally (like in Konqueror) the horizontal
>> spacing will be all messed up.
>> Basically, every line of text will look like this:
>> T   H   I   S    I  S   A   G  O  O  D   E  X  A  M  P  L  E
>> Does anyone know what causes that? And how to fix it?!?
> Looks like something somewhere is defining "charwidth" (mention in
> fvwm(1) regarding use of TTF in relation to xft).

I'm not running fvwm or xft. Straight X server (4.3.0) and KDE (3.1.x).

Surely someone has had this problem before after installing Windows
TrueType fonts! It happens to me EVERY TIME, and it happens whether
the OS is FreeBSD or linux.

Perhaps I should subscribe to a XFree86 mailling list and ask there.


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