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Wed Jun 11 04:43:26 PDT 2003

On 10 Jun clayton rollins wrote:

> In addition you'll probably need to add:
> options	USER_LDT
> to your kernel. (unless you're running current, or have done it already.)

This was it! Pure and simple. Nothing else needed. Just "portinstall
mplayer" installed player, fonts, codecs, gui, and all..
After a kernel recompile things run very smoothly.
> Before compiling mplayer you should read the makefile to check out the 
> various options. (You won't get a gui by default...) You should also go 
> over the documentation at 

In my ports you _will_ get a gui by default. I run the latest cvsup(ped)
ports collection ;-)

> PS. you'll need to get the codecs too, if you haven't already. I have 
> gotten them from the mplayer site before, though I see they exist in ports 
> too.

This too is taken care of by "portinstall"

Everybody who sended help a big thanks ;)

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