Fetchmail error - Type Mismatch??

Dragoncrest dragoncrest at voyager.net
Wed Jun 11 03:16:42 PDT 2003

	Hi all.  I was cruising my mail logs today on one of my servers and 
noticed this error that had been recorded for one of my users.

	fetchmail[94074]: Server CommonName mismatch: localhost.localdomain != 

	We're using fetch to grab mail from accounts outside the firewall and pull 
it in locally and this was seen repeatedly for just one of the users and 
only for this one domain.  My guess is that it's a misconfiguration error 
on the part of the other person, but I just wanted to be sure it's not 
anything to worry about.  Also, is there a way to prevent this error from 
appearing again?  Obviously it's not going to flood my logs to the point 
where it crashes the box, but by eliminating this I can at least save a 
little space.  (I tend to be a HD space nazi constantly finding ways to 
conserve space.  hehe)

	Thanks in advance for your advise and help.  :)

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