How is it possible to pass options to if filter foomatic-rip withFreeBSD version of lpr/lpd?

Antoine Jacoutot ajacoutot at
Wed Jun 11 02:26:19 PDT 2003

> Hello mailing list participants,
> Does someone use foomatic-rip
> as if filter on FreeBSD machine
> and has found out how is it possible
> to pass options to foomatic-rip on
> lpr command line?

I've been trying for months :)
But it seems that stock LPD does not accept filter options. You want to
install either CUPS or LPRng as your spooler.
Another solution would be an hacked foomatic-rip input filter where the
options are already set and create a different queue for each, but it is not
an ideal solution (a little bit what APSFILTER does).
If you find anything, let me know.


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