Booting using serial console

Uwe Doering gemini at
Wed Jun 11 01:00:17 PDT 2003

Gary Aitken wrote:
> Well, nothing like feeling like a blind person...
> I'm trying to boot / install 4.5 on a headless system.
> I've made the serial console boot floppies, but get no response when I 
> try to use them.
> [...]
> boot.config looks like:
>  /boot/loader -h

I could be wrong, but isn't 'boot.config' supposed to contain only 
arguments you would otherwise enter at the boot prompt?  So it should be 
just a single '-h'.  I have a '-P' in that file, for instance, and it 
works as expected.

> When the machine tries to boot, how does it determine the baud rate to 
> use on the com1 port, assuming it is properly listening there?  I'm 
> guessing the baud rates of the machine and the terminal are mismatched.

'sio0' in the kernel config needs a 'flags 0x10' directive in order to 
make COM1 a (potential) console port.  Default speed is 9600 bit/s.

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