Make world for 5.1 fails in gdb

Adam blueeskimo at
Tue Jun 10 22:22:09 PDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 00:53, Nicolas Galler wrote:
> I am trying to upgrade from 5.0-RELEASE to 5.1-RELEASE. I just cvsupped but
> trying make buildworld in /usr/src fails (in gdb), some error messages when
> linking about xre_comp not defined (I have included the actual error messages
> below). I dont think Ive actually run make world since I installed 5.0 from CD
> a couple months ago. 
> Well tracing down the problem the closest I could get is that a file xregex.h
> is included, which defines re_comp etc to xre_comp. Also a strange thing is
> the following line in config.h (in the gdb directory):
>     /* Define if gnu-regex.c included with GDB should be used. */
>     #define USE_INCLUDED_REGEX 1
> yet gnu-regex.c doesn't get compiled (or linked, as you can see below).
> Well it all sound like Im doing something really stupid so I hope someone can
> help :)

a) Did you try using -jN (eg, -j4) when you buildworld? If so, try
without. I had problems going from 5.0-RELEASE to 5.1-RELEASE using -j4.

b) Did you clear /usr/obj/* before buildworld?

Adam <blueeskimo at>

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