Booting using serial console

Gary Aitken garya at
Tue Jun 10 20:28:18 PDT 2003

Well, nothing like feeling like a blind person...

I'm trying to boot / install 4.5 on a headless system.

I've made the serial console boot floppies, but get no response when I 
try to use them.

I've got a vt220 plugged into com1; I know the cable is good because I 
plugged it into com1 on a windoze box and could read and write the vt220 
using hyperterminal.

The vt220 is set to 9600 baud (it's max rate is 19200)

The boot floppies look like this:


boot.config looks like:
  /boot/loader -h

When the machine tries to boot, how does it determine the baud rate to 
use on the com1 port, assuming it is properly listening there?  I'm 
guessing the baud rates of the machine and the terminal are mismatched.

I've tried typing on the keyboard as it is attempting to boot, but still 
get no response.

I get two beeps after about 8 seconds or so after the floppy starts reading.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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