Obituary: Alan (alanE) Eldridge

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Tue Jun 10 16:43:04 PDT 2003

I don't know Alan from Adam.  But to me it seems strange to see an orbit
about a person I never knew on this website.  I don't recall ever seeing one
before.  He must have had talents that we never recognized.  God rest.
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> As some people may of read, Alan Eldridge passed away a few days ago.
> The news has been slowly filtering through various websites over the past
> few days.
> He was a member of the KDE on FreeBSD core team,
> a KDE and FreeBSD maintainer and a maintainer for various ports for
> FreeBSD, as well as other Open Source Projects.
> Some of you may of known him in person, others through his work and
> others through the lists he was associated with like this one.
> There is an Obituary on
> His blog covering the past few months is here:
> I'm sure that he will be sadly missed by all....
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