VPN from one Win2k host to a FreeBSD network?

Brent Wiese brently at bjwcs.com
Tue Jun 10 16:18:59 PDT 2003

> Allow me to ask this once again also then. In my situation, I 
> have my FreeBSD 
> box here at home. Periodically I need to VPN into my work.
> Here is the layout:
> FreeBSD (home via DSL) ---> (Inet) ---> (Cisco PIX) ---> (Work net)
> IP via DSL                                        Outside 
> IP/Inside IP 

I could be talking totally out of my *** here because I don't use PIX's, but
I seem to recall newer versions of the PIX software supporting MS's PPTP. If
that truly is the case, then MPD should work fine since it can be both a
client and a server.

This is why, for most offices, I recommend using Snapgear.com products.
They're great for offices using T3 or less, have all the firewalling you
want and no-per-user-license-fee ipsec and pptp support (although # of
tunnels are limited, but that's more a hardware-limitation thing). And
they're cheap as heck. If you're paid anything decent, the time it'll take
you to get this figured out will have paid for a Snapgear box twice over. :)

Good luck!

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