Setting up an IPSec tunnel

Tkachenko, Artem N artem.n.tkachenko at
Tue Jun 10 15:10:59 PDT 2003


I have the following situation:
Node A <-----> LAN1 <-----> Node B <-----> LAN2 <-----> Node C

LAN1 address:
LAN2 address:

Node A:
OS: Win2K
IP (to LAN1):

Node B:
OS: FreeBSD 4.6
IP address (to LAN1):
IP address (to LAN2):

Node C:
IP address (to LAN2)

Goal is to set up NetMeeting between Node A and Node C by creating a tunnel
from Node A to Node B.
I have racoon setup on Node B (FreeBSD). Do I have to set up gif()? If yes,
how? What else do I need to do on this node? Please tell me how to setup the
racoon.conf file.

The main problem is setting up Node A (Win2K). I have PGPNet and Nortel VPN
client that I can install on this machine. There is also Win2K build in
IPSec stuff.
I want Node A to also have an IP address on a virtual interface this is part
of LAN2.  I was trying out the built in stuff and I got it to work in the
transport mode but I do not think that's what I need. What is a difference
between the tunnel mode and the transport mode and how do I set up the build
in stuff to work in the tunnel mode?

Any help with any of the questions will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely

artem.n.tkachenko at

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