arplookup errors

Tim Radigan tradigan at
Tue Jun 10 14:46:29 PDT 2003

Hi everyone, I'm getting some arplookup errors here which I think is the 
cause of my name server not transferring zone files over to the slave 

Here is my scenario:

67.153.114.xx - gateway / nat / firewall / dhcpd server / dns server 
(master for internal lan and slave for external interface)
67.93.165.xx - apache / dns server (master for external and slave for 

now, the 67.153.114.xx server can transfer the external zone files which 
it is a slave for
but the 67.93.165.xx server cannot transfer the internal zone files for 
which it is a slave for

and i'm getting these errors in syslog on the 67.93.165.xx server:

arplookup 67.153.114.xx failed: host is not on local network

on both machines our ISP told me to use a netmask of
could the netmask be causing this behavior?

Tim Radigan - tradigan at
Director of Information Technology
Touch Dynamic, Inc.

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