Creating a IPSec tunnel between a Windows machine and a machine r unning FreeBSD

Tkachenko, Artem N artem.n.tkachenko at
Tue Jun 10 08:54:22 PDT 2003

The topology is as fallows:

Node A <-----> Internet <------> Node B <-----> Internal net B
node A's external address is
node B's internal address is
external address is

Node A is running windows 2000 and I am using PGPnet to make a tunnel to
Node B which is running FreeBSD and I am using racoon on that machine. The
tunnel has to be working for all traffic. I am not sure, but I think that
Node B is not set up as gateway/router. 
It is very important that the connection is set up as a tunnel and not as a
I greatly appreciate your help. Sincerely

artem.n.tkachenko at

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