Complete system restore software for FreeBSD?

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Tue Jun 10 06:17:14 PDT 2003

Am Mon, 2003-06-09 um 23.36 schrieb pkddeckard at
> I have used the Mondo Rescue backup and restore system before
>  with my Linux machines with great success.  What Mondo allows 
> one to do is a complete system backup and restore from a bootable 
> CD, meaning a system can survive a harddrive failure without a
> whole lot of fiddling around in reconfiguring software and such.  
> What I'm wondering is, is there similar software available for 
> FreeBSD (preferably free)?
> For reference, more info on Mondo Rescue can be found here:
From the above pages:

FreeBSD users - Joshua Oreman has ported Mondo to FreeBSD. Click to
download his Mondo[1] and Mindi[2] packages. They are standard tarballs,
so just use tar xzf and gmake && gmake install to build them. We need
testers. The FreeBSD port is a work-in-progress, not a stable product
(yet). We'll keep you posted.


Did you try those already?

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