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Tue Jun 10 00:41:22 PDT 2003

Thanks for the ideas however i dont think they will work.

You see the problem is for example this.
A connection from outside on the internet can only see the outside interface
1 - hence the request is sent to that interface which is
correct. However and heres the problem. All replies from that interface are
sent out via outside interface 2 - which is the nat
interface and default gateway. So what i need to make the machine do is make
the machine send any reply back via the same route that is was received on.
Can this be done?

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You can probably get what you want by compiling IPDIVERT and IPFIREWALL into
your kernel.
Then running some rules, this may or may not be accurate:
ipfw add 100 divert ip from to any via out2
ipfw add 101 divert ip from to any via out1
ipfw add 102 divert ip from to any via out2

Anyways, you get the idea.. play with that for awhile let me know if I
helped any. You probably only need to use rule 101 or something very similar
to it.


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Subject: Routing question

I have a box with three interface cards.
inside interface -
outside interface 1 -
outside interface 2 -
Inside connects to lan with windows pc's
outside 1 permanently connected to isp via wan router with diginet (t1 type
line) and is viewable from internet.
inside 2 connects to internet via DSl router using nat , connection ip
cahnges daily.

What i want the box to do is send all outgoing requests that originated from
the box or the inside lan out the outside interface 2 which it does by
setting default route.
However when a connectio originates from internet to the outside 1 interface
it must route its reply back via the same route and not via the outside
interface 2 which it is doing hence making the box invisible to the outside.

PLEASE any suggestions?

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