VPN from one Win2k host to a FreeBSD network?

Brent Wiese brently at bjwcs.com
Mon Jun 9 18:20:09 PDT 2003

Use MPD (its in the ports) for PPTP support, which is built into w2k. On the
user side, its "friendly" to set up because it presents the user w/ a
modem-type setup where you "dial" a vpn box.

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> Subject: VPN from one Win2k host to a FreeBSD network?
> This has been covered many times before, I'm sure, just I 
> just can't find it now I have need.
> A consultant with one Win2k system behind a home-office NAT 
> firewall needs to speak Microsoft protocols to an NT4 server 
> inside my FreeBSD NAT firewall. Also connect to the Oracle database.
> I currently have an IPsec VPN to yet another site with an 
> identical FreeBSD firewall as I have here. Microsoft 
> protocols flow over that link as well.
> The fact her remote Win2k system is already behind NAT 
> suggests to me using Win2k built-in IPsec isn't going to work 
> with racoon?
> She can ssh to my FreeBSD system. I have not disabled sshd 
> port forwarding. An attractive low threshold of pain might be 
> to use PuTTY on Win2k and port forward to here. Research 
> suggests she would have to disable filesharing, or possibly 
> remove that module, in order to free ports 137-139 so this 
> would work. Might work but isn't "low threshold of pain."
> Simple ssh port forwarding should work fine for Oracle.
> Next thought would be to tunnel PPP thru SSH. Have found 
> plenty of examples of how to do this Unix to Unix but not 
> from inferior OS's.
> Yet another thought was to use PPPoE. Win2k should have a 
> PPPoE client. Is there a tool on FreeBSD to receive such 
> connections? Would it appear on the Win2k system as another 
> network interface or would it be her sole interface while it 
> is up? Encryption for PPPoE?
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