PCI modem configuration

Chris Staskewicz cjs at math.utah.edu
Mon Jun 9 10:57:31 PDT 2003

I have a PnP PCI modem that I think the kernel recognizes (I added "device
puc" to a new kernel build).  "dmesg" added a new line (new in the sense
that the older dmesg on the older kernel didn't have it) with something

pci0 <Unknown Card> irq=9 ...

I would email the exact text, however, I can't dial-up from home just yet!
My question is, that if this is the correct configuration, how do I know
or make the correct device nodes in /dev, so that I can use PPP or some
other program to dial-up to the ISP?  "sh MAKEDEV pci0" doesn't work, and
browsing what's available in /etc/MAKEDEV doesn't really give me any

Thanks so much,


 Chris Staskewicz

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