/dev/tty keeps changing permissions..?

Thomas Park tpark at drivespeed.com
Mon Jun 9 10:02:27 PDT 2003

Hi John,

> > I'm pretty sure the ssh problem is with /dev/tty - I've 
> > scoured quite a
> > few message boards and newsgroups looking for a solution to the SSH
> > problem.  The symptom:a user who doesn't currently own 
> > /dev/tty attempts
> > to open an outbound SSH session and gets a permission denied 
> > error with
> > an error message along the lines of "Host key verification 
> > failed."  SCP
> > likewise doesn't work.
> That error message is usually because you're ssh'ing to boxen whos
> public key has changed. 

I should have mentioned that the account I was using for ssh DOES have a
correct host key entry for the remote host - the error message is itself
erroneous.  Although I think we're getting on track here - it looks like
the problem is happening when I su into a different account and try to
ssh from the su'ed account (which also has the host key) - after su'ing,
the tty device remains owned by the base user with respect to my new
EUID, which appears to make ssh outbound break.


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