Newbie wirless install question

Scott Miller smaction at
Mon Jun 9 07:19:50 PDT 2003

It should get an address via DHCP. (I did not see where this was indicated
in ifconfig.)

ifconfig shows that wi0 is:

SSID="Donner Pass" (this is correct)
wep is on, channel 1, and 128 bit key (all correct)



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> windows.  After I boot into freebsd I use ifconfig to set the SSID
> and the wepkey.  The link light on the card is solid (this usually
> means the card is configured and connected correctly).

Heh, I'm wondering if you did the same thing I did. You set the WEP key, but
did you turn WEP on? ;)

Check your ifconfig. Are you getting an IP via DHCP, or is it statically
assigned? Does it say that your NIC is associated in ifconfig?

Gotta love FBSD ifconfig. Having wireless support in ifconfig saves quite a
bit of time. Didn't realize how much I liked it until I was forced to set up
linux on a laptop. :)

sektie at

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