network installation help (ADSL, HUB, WinXP)

Kaya Koch twoko at
Sun Jun 8 10:24:57 PDT 2003


I've just installed FreeBSD 5.0 (minimal), here is some info of my system:

1.6GHz P4, 512MB RAM

2 hdd's:

hdd1 : 1 partition = Win XP Pro
hdd2 : 2 "slices", first is FreeBSD, second is FAT32

installation went smoothly, installed Boot Manager ok, can boot into both 
Win XP and FreeBSD without problems

network config:

we have a home LAN, 3 computers (including mine, all with Win XP) connected 
to a hub, and the hub is connected to an ADSL modem. Ie:


hub is:

Surecom 8 Port 10/100M Ethernet Mini Switch (EP-808SX)

my ethernet card is:

3Com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet (3C905C-TX Compatible)

ADSL modem is:

Alcatel SpeedTouch Home

with Win XP, the network works fine, each computer can connect to the 
internet without problems. The IP addresses for the computers on the LAN are 
autoconfigured, same goes with the connection to the internet. Connection is 
through WAN Miniport (PPPOE).

okay, so here is where I need some help:

1) Firstly, is it possible to setup freebsd in a similar way to how my XP is 
currently set up, ie. can I connect to the LAN, and access shared 
directories in the other computers?

2) To connect to the internet using XP, I have to create a connection to my 
ISP (iiNet in Australia) and have to execute the "Connect to iiNet" 
shortcut, ie. my computer is not connected to the internet at all times. How 
do I go about setting up a connection to the internet in freebsd? (Is it 
okay to use a hub, instead of connecting directly to the ADSL modem?)

The way I am currently installing new packages to freebsd is : boot XP, 
download packages to FAT32 partition on second hdd, reboot, boot into 
freebsd, mount the FAT32, copy the package over to freebsd, install the 
package. As you can imagine, this takes sooo long...

any help is appreciated,


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