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Sun Jun 8 09:51:35 PDT 2003

[Kliment Andreev wrote (klimenta at on 6/8/03 12:45 AM]

>> I am getting some weird crashes and i'd like to be able to rule out power
>> loss.
> How many HDDs do you have?

4, 3x36GB SCSI's in a  RAID5 array and 1x80gb IDE

> How many cards are installed?

just 1

> How powerfull is your power supply?

i'm not sure, its a leased server

> If you have AMD and 250W power supply, probably that's
> the reason. Also, check the memory modules but they usually throw sig 11.

would this show up in messages? because i have had the machine go down twice
on one day without anything unusual show up in /var/log/messages

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