Sound Blaster Live DD5.1

Thomas T. Veldhouse veldy at
Sun Jun 8 08:42:10 PDT 2003

I have recently purchased a Dell Dimension 8250 which contains a Creative
Labs SoundBlaster Live! DD 5.1 card.  My previous SoundBlaster Live! card
was detected in FreeBSD 4.7, but this one is not detected in this machine
using FreeBSD 5.1 RELEASE (cvsup to it).  No pcm devices show during boot.
Is there a way to give the kernel a hint?  There is no way to shut of PNP in
the BIOS, as Dell as not added this option.

Windows XP is showing:

I/O Range: DC40-DC5F
IRQ: 18

Thanks in advance,

Tom Veldhouse

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