How do I set up a ssh tunnel between two FreeBSD systems ?

Josh Brooks user at
Sat Jun 7 21:36:32 PDT 2003


I have read the ssh man page and am not getting the results I think I
should.  some background:

serverA is the client

serverB is running sendmail on port 25

I want to telnet to serverA on port 34 and get a response from the
sendmail daemon running on serverB.

I tried this:

ssh -L 34:serverB:25 user at serverB

^^^ seems to be what the man page instructs me to do ...

But when I run that command, it asks me for a password, and I log into
serverB just like any other time I ssh there to log in.

So that's that - the above command line does nothing but log me into
serverB.  If I port scan serverA, nothing is running on port 34.  So
basically it's a total bust.

I am running this ssh command on serverA as root.

So what am i doing wrong ?


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