Question about insecure server

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sat Jun 7 10:30:21 PDT 2003

Bingrui Foo wrote:
[ ... ]
> I'm wondering is there a way to use ssh instead of telnet to connect to my
> chat server to make the connection secure?
> Do I have to modify the C socket code to somehow allow people to ssh into
> it? Or is there another way. I have no idea how to make it secure.

You can change your C code to use the OpenSSL library; if you do that, you have 
the option of then negotiating STARTTLS and thus support both encrypted and 
non-encrypted connections on the same listening socket.

However, it might be much easier to install /usr/ports/security/stunnel, and use 
that to "wrap" your program.


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