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Hi Folks !

Paul Robinson (paul at [030606 19:09]:
> If they aren't enthusiastic, it's because it's not solving any problems for 
> them. The fact it works great as a high-traffic MX or HTTP server isn't 
> something most businesses need. As for desktop use, well, it does suck 
> compared to something like Mandrake for an average run-of-the-mill office 
> worker. Even Mandrake sucks a little bit compared to Windows XP these days.

Well ... I was tempted to comment !

Have been using Linux for more than 4 years now. Tried almost all of the major

FULL SCORE to Debian ... nothing else comes even close. BUT, Debian is indeed a
little difficult to install. But once you have faced the music ... Debian
steals the show.

And what do I think abt FreeBSD (started using it only 1 week ago) ?

- FreeBSD is much much easier to install than Debian.

- It is easier to add or remove packages in FreeBSD than Debian

- Almost all other commercial Linux distros are sucky !!!

- And in this last week, anything I did was to do websurfing looking out for
  FreeBSD resources ... Believe me ... (atleast) the web surfing speeds are
  VISIBLY FASTER than what I experience in RedHat/Netscape or Debian/Mozilla

- And I stepped on this cute MUA called xfmail ... and am using it with a lot
  of comfort till I figure out how to configure Exim/fetchmail/mutt combo

- Overall ... the FreeBSD experience has been good till now :)

- And ofcourse, the best part ... less than 15 seconds run from boot to login
  ... thats just soooo nice :)

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