Magicfilter set up

Gary Schenk gwschenk at
Fri Jun 6 19:33:20 PDT 2003

I'm now trying to get magicfilter working on my HP deskjet 6122. So far 
no luck. Here is my /etc/printcap entry:

lp|local line printer:\

The printer works fine with the new hpif script in the handbook, but 
when I plug in the magicfilter filter, nothing happens. 
/usr/local/bin/magicfilter is set executable for all three groups, as 
is the filter itself.

Since everything is seemingly set up correctly, is it just because the 
filter is wrong for the printer?

I'm just hoping to be able to use all the capabilities of  the printer, 
print color, jpgs and such.

I'm running 4.7-RELEASE.


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