restart rc.conf.local

Marcel de Vries mdevries at
Fri Jun 6 13:51:09 PDT 2003

Just a test, try to find out why isn't accepting any m$
generated mail!!:(

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Van: Chuck Swiger [mailto:cswiger at] 
Verzonden: vrijdag 6 juni 2003 22:30
Aan: freebsd
Onderwerp: Re: restart rc.conf.local

DanB wrote:
> How do you reload rc.conf.local.

Are you talking about /etc/rc.conf or /etc/rc.local?

If the former and you want to verify that the right services are enabled
come up properly after a system reboot, well, rebooting the system is a
good way 
to test.

If the latter, "sh /etc/rc.local" should work...


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