unable to transfer install error

Paul Lambert eb30750 at HotPOP.com
Fri Jun 6 10:51:31 PDT 2003

I have previously installed FreeBSD 4.2 successfully and am attempting to 
install 5.0 with a AMD Duron processor on a PCCHIPS M810L MOBO.

The disk has been partitioned into 4 parts all NTFS.  I have FreeBSD CDs 1 
and 2.  I boot successfully, delete one of the NTFS partitions and the 
create a FreeBSD partition (bootable, 165) and then create swap and root 
(/) slices.  I also install the Boot Mngr so I can boot from the different 
partitions.  I finally select to install from CD.  This all goes well.

Once the install begins, I do see a message that states "All files written 
successfully", which I believe is the boot mngr install 
status.  Immediately after this I start getting an "unable to transfer" 
errors which repeats for each of the following"  base distribution, doc 
distribution, manpages, dict distribution, crypto and packages/INDEX.  The 
installer exists with errors.

Upon rebooting, I see the 4 partitions although the NTFS ones are labeled 
"??" instead of NTFS.  The FreeBSD partition is there as well.  The system 
will boot the windows partition okay but there is no boot software on the 
FreeBSD partition.

The fact that I can boot the kernel from CD, write to the boot block, etc. 
tells me that the hardware is all compatible.  The FreeBSD partition was 
formatted as an NTFS partition the subsequently deleted and created as a 
FreeBSD partition.  I do get this warning that states "using existing root 
partition" that assumes that the appropriate driver entries are in /dev.  I 
don't think this is true since I am performing a new install.  The 
partition needs to be reformatted and then a complete new install.  What is 
your advice?


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