IPSec + gre

Mike Futerko mike at LITech.lviv.ua
Fri Jun 6 08:42:26 PDT 2003


This is bug or feature that gre tunnel doesn't work under IPSec?

I use gif tunnels for the following circuit - they do works just fine, except
that I can't filter (ipfw) incoming packets that comes from gif. So I tried
gre without IPSec and it works OK - I can filter incoming and outgoing packets
in ipfw. But when I try to establish IPSec between tunnel routers - gre stop
working. Note that IPSec works as I can ping tunnel routers between each other.

LAN1 - TunnelRouter1 (IPSec) -- Internet -- TunnelRouter2 (IPSec) -- LAN2
             |                                     |
             +------------ gif or gre tunnel ------+

Now going to try 'options IPSEC_FILTERGIF' in the kernel config file.

Maybe I do something wrong with configuration?


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