A couple of questions for 5.1rc1....

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>I run 4.8, but here are my suggestions:

>> The final question I have is one that's probably obscure.  I
>> remember a switch used to tell the dhcp client to send the
>> host name of the laptop to a dhcp server.  While it gets a

>man dhclient.conf

>> lease perfectly fine, opening up my linksys dhcp table ( at
>> home ) or the NT dhcp server at work I can only see that a
>> machine has that lease.  The name of the laptop isn't listed.
>>  I had enabled something on a laptop I had a couple of years
>> ago that made it so the name showed up, but I haven't been
>> able to find anything on this since and I have no idea how I
>> did it before or even where I found it.

>I don't think dhclient is the issue.  If you want your machine
>to appear on the network, install samba.  You don't need to
>share anything out unless you want to, but samba contains the
>network name service (nmbd).  Then again, maybe I misunderstood

I neglected to mention that I had read through the dhcp related man pages.
Probably due to my lack of sleep I missed it but I managed to find what I
needed.  It was not what I expected it to be.

I had put in the line   send host-name "myhost";     into my dhclient.conf
file.  However, the line I was actually looking for was    send
dhcp-client-identifier "myhost";     I'm not entirely sure why you would use
the first one I tried, perhaps if the server always assigns a particular
system the same IP address?  Then again, wouldn't the line I ended up using
do the same thing?  Anyway, with the dhcp-client-identifier line, the system
now shows up in the NT server/linksys router dhcp clients table.  So that's
one part down.

I will likely be adding samba soon as it will be nice for the laptop to show
up in the browse lists as well.

Now I just need to spend some more time this weekend and see if I can't fix
those ACPI/APM issues.


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