David Gerard fun at
Fri Jun 6 00:08:54 PDT 2003

Rob Lahaye (lahaye at [030606 12:58]:
> Larry Rosenman wrote:

> > visit:
> >
> > and you can download a pre-built package.

> Why has this not yet become part of the precompiled package
> selection of FreeBSD, so that everyone can find it where one
> expect it to be found?

It has. But it doesn't, ah, work. Trying to use it feels like using Mozilla
did in 2000 - you can see the hard work that's going into it, but for
actual day-to-day use it's not up to beta status.

After beating my head against the FreeBSD version (and I wish them only the
best in getting it to work properly), I eventually downloaded the Linux
binary. Which works very well with linux_base-7 installed.

- d.

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