Dr. Tim timothy at
Thu Jun 5 21:05:37 PDT 2003

nope it does not, it seems that I now have to learn the m4 compiler
which I have never done before, I have tweaked by
substantially to get queues, timeouts lots of stuff working well
and just like this I now have to do something like
m4 > | diff
and find out what I have to add to my mc file so that in the future
I can just run the m4 compiler to my mc file and twic
tweak the mc file when I need to change stuff but to be able to find ALL
the associated m4
sorry mc commands that will result in the file I have now
is going to be a pain.  I just wiSH!  I could have the lines in the
cf file I need to add to get this access.db working and hashed without
this m4 compiler  it seems to be just a big overhead for those few
people who have to tweak rulesets but...that's life.

You wouldn;t happen to know if there are a just a few lines I can add
to my file that will enable access.db?


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