Dr. Tim timothy at
Thu Jun 5 20:37:20 PDT 2003

if you do a make in the etc/mail dir it uses the
Makefile so yea it is equivalent to
makemap access < access
and yes the access.db file gets update
and NO it still does not work!
the file is so simple I can't believe it is not working.
actually the equivalent command in the Makefile is
makemap hash access < access for making the access.db file
I have even remove the access db file and watch the new file
get creeated.

I can edit the file and affect sendmails performance
(after starting and stopping sendmail) but no effect with the 
access ability.

the access file is LITERALLY
testuser at	550 goway
12.223.81		RELAY
and it completely 
accepts the knitu stuff (opps typo the testuser@) is not in the access
and it refuses to relay the 12.223.81 
oops other typo it is 199.223.81
and they all resolve! also

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