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 You should only receive this automatically generated response
 once per day.

 Thank you for your recent mail message to the Hewlett-Packard
 Software Security Response Team (security-alert at, which
 handles reports of security vulnerabilities in HP products.
 Messages sent here are monitored during working hours (US Pacific Time)
 by several members of the HP Software Security Response Team (SSRT).

 We will reply to your message to confirm that we are investigating
 the report and if necessary to request additional information.

 If your message concerns a non-security issue or any PC issue,
 security  related or not, we will forward your message to the
 appropriate HP entity.

  o  Security patches and bulletins are freely available from the
      HP IT Resource Center:

  o  HP Tru64, HP OpenVMS, and other pre-merger Compaq related
      Security Bulletins are posted to the HP website within
      24 hours of release to   Use the SEARCH IN feature box, enter SSRT
     (or specific SSRT number) in the search window.

 Please encrypt sensitive information with our PGP key.
 Please send e-mail to security-alert at with the
 subject 'get key' (without the quote marks) and the
 PGP key will be sent to you.

 Thank you,

 HP Software Security Response Team (SSRT)
 security-alert at

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