eudaemonia as a state of happiness requiring a daemon server spirit

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Thu Jun 5 16:39:39 PDT 2003

what are the classical antecedants of this?   they have been compared to 
guardian angels.   one of the earliest of such is the guardian angel protectecting 
the people of the treaty, michael who bars balem from going to place wheere 
he will be paid to place a curse on them. angels were presented as servant 
spirits who guarded man and then their was the genie of alladi's lamp type.  one 
pohilosopher, speaking tohte country club, the harvard types of the day, stated 
that eudamonia is happiness is security, security for onself, one's friend's, 
and all the descendants of these as far into the future as can be forseen.  
This is best guarrranteed by democracy he states.  sparta outlasted all the 
other classsical greek city states because it had a dual chief executiveship: in 
its case dual kings who ruled on alternate years.  each in his year of service 
would consult with the other be cause he would have had an aversion to being 
reversed next year by the other.  ther cherokees had dual cheif executives in 
the form of a peace cheir, who could be a man of a woman, and a war cheif who 
had to be a man.  the chrokees, of the cherokee-iroquois langage group, were 
the only amerindain tribe to invent on their own a written alphabet, build 
baptist churches, grist mills, north european style log cabins, european farm 
animals and a european life style.   

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