Configure Exim/Sendmail on FreeBSD

gagan_grewal at gagan_grewal at
Thu Jun 5 09:21:44 PDT 2003

Hi FreeBSD ppl :)

I am new entry into this mailing list ...

Have been a Linux user since '98 and now am trying FreeBSD too.
(Hope I didn't step on any Flames ?)

Well ... I am having trouble configuring Exim/Sendmail on FreeBSD

My Config...
- Exim-3.x
- Mutt 1.4i
- Dial-up internet connectivity

The trouble with sendmail ... 

The output queue is being created in /var/spool/clientmqueue instead
of /var/spool/mqueue.

In Linux I simply disabled sendmail from starting up during init, and
queued up mail using Mutt in /var/spool/mqueue and when was connected
I simply invoked sendmail as 'sendmail -q' ... that did the job.

But things are different in FreeBSD ... plz guide me on how to setup sendmail.

If not sendmail then how to setup Exim ... Exim is a breeze on Debian Potato ... but mostly due to 'eximconfig'

I tried the BAD WAY of copying /etc/exim.conf from Debian into
/usr/local/etc/exim/configure on FreeBSD ...

Well it started up fine ... but while using fetchmail ... the incoming
mail instead of getting delivered is getting queued up in
/var/spool/exim/input ... :(

Is 'eximconfig' or equivalent available for FreeBSD ... if not then
what needs to be done ?

I did try googling and found some solutions too, but didn't work !!!

Whew !!! what a newbie this :(

Thanks in advance ...


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