BIND 8.3.5 port?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Jun 5 08:38:18 PDT 2003

Doug Barton wrote:
[ ... ]
>> However, if Mark wanted to run the version of named that already comes
>> with FreeBSD, or the current 8.3.4 port, he wouldn't have asked for an
>> updated port of BIND-8.3.5.  The maintainer of any software project
>> ought to regard other people's interest as a positive and constructive
>> thing-- otherwise, why bother?
> Just for your information, here is what the paragraph above sounds like to
> me:
> Blah blah blah, I didn't actually read the comment in the Makefile where
> it says if you urgently desire to run the latest BIND you can just compile
> it from source and install it yourself, blah blah blah, Do what I want you
> to do because I want you to do it, blah blah blah.

This, because I chose not to second-guess why Mark asked for a port of
BIND-8.3.5 and simply did something to help him?

Fact: I haven't asked *you* to do a single thing, Doug!

Unless being CC:'ed on an update to a port that you are listed as $MAINTAINER of
deserves the false and unjustified mischaracterization above.  Doug, are you
deliberately trying to convince the members of this list that they should not
try to port new versions of software?

Are you trying to convince people that contacting the listed maintainer of a
port with an update will result in arrogant, scornful abuse from someone with in their email address?

> If you think this is unecessarily harsh, please check the many gigabytes
> of mail archives where the subject of rational expectations on your part
> regarding how and when people who are volunteering their time to help you
> should be doing it.

Fact: I didn't ask for your help.  Nor did Mark, for that matter, and that's
probably a good thing considering your reaction!

> Also, you should probably consider the possibility that if I thought it
> was a good idea for everyone in the FreeBSD community to rush out and run
> the latest and greatest version of BIND, I would already have upgraded the
> port.

Why should I consider that?  I answered Mark's request; I didn't tell him, or
anyone else for that matter, to upgrade their version of BIND.  True, or not true?

> .... all of which tells me that you didn't actually READ what I said in
> the Makefile. Or if you did, you didn't bother to try and understand it.
> Either way, you've demonstrated to me that further communication with you
> isn't likely to yield fruitful results.

True, Doug, but you probably aren't honest enough to take responsibility for
your own actions causing the problem.  I haven't done anything wrong, except
maybe try to help someone else in your presence.


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