amd always nfs mounts as tcp?

Tom Limoncelli tal at
Thu Jun 5 07:47:57 PDT 2003

amd on my NFS clients always mounts using TCP.  I need to use UDP (long 
story).  I've tried many different options and I can't get it to use 

If I mount it "manually" (i.e. without amd) it works fine:
	mount_nfs -3 -U server1:/u1/foo /mnt
I can verify that it is using tcpdump.

The amd map lists:
foo     fs:=/u1/${key}
bar     fs:=/u2/${key}
baz     fs:=/u2/${key}

The NFS client is running FreeBSD 4.7, and the NFS server is running 

How do I get amd to use udp instead of tcp?

Thanks in advance!

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