Kdevelop C/C++ reference problem SOLVED

J. Seth Henry jshamlet at comcast.net
Thu Jun 5 07:26:59 PDT 2003

I was somewhat distraught to find that after all my trouble, the "package"
was little more than a bunch of HTML files. ARGH! Unfortunately, for me, I
discovered this after mucking with the configure script.

Anyway, I discovered that the --enable-mt option in the configure script
was only allowed on a linux system. Apparently, there is a case
structure, and if it sees anything other than "some linux" it craps
out. Since FreeBSD obviously supports multithreading of Qt, I "fixed"
this by commenting out the case statements, leaving only the GCC check.
Not the "correct" solution, but it works.

It also installs to the wrong place. I manually moved the files from
/usr/local/kde/share/doc/HTML/en/kdevelop/reference to
/usr/local/share/doc/HTML/en/kdevelop/reference. And, since the installer
didn't remove it, I removed the existing index.html and symlinked c.html
to index.html.

Lastly, there is an error in c.html. The Master Index link should
reference master_index.html, not mindxbdy.html. So far, this is the only
place I have encounted the incorrect link.

Not entirely certain if it was worth it, but I now have the Kdevelop
C/C++ reference installed on my dev system. :)

Regards, and thanks for the pointers,
Seth Henry

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