NFS Problems...

jle jle at
Thu Jun 5 07:04:30 PDT 2003

> > root at HTTPD:~ -13:55:06- # cd ~dkdesign
> > -su: cd: /home2/dkdesign: No such file or directory
> Not surprising, because you mounted on /home not /home2.

There shouldn't BE a /home2 on HTTPD but I figured out what happened. I
copied /etc/group /etc/passwd /etc/pwd.db and /etc/master.passwd from NFSD
to HTTPD to sync users and passwords and forgot to edit the home dir with
vipw. I just did a global search and replace of /home2 to /home and
rebuilt the pwd.db and it mounted fine and apache now serves "public_html"
from the users shells.

However, on reboot it doesn't mount from /etc/fstab, I have to mount it
manually for some reason. So now I'm down to the one NFS problem.

on NFSD: (/etc/exports)
/home2           -maproot=0 -alldirs     httpd

on HTTPD: (/etc/fstab)
NFSD:/home2              /home           nfs     rw,bg           0       0

<manually mounting works>
mount NFSD:/home2 /home

Works fine until I reboot. Shouldn't it mount by itself like it used to?
What am I missing now? Why doesn't HTTPD mount NFSD:/home2 on /home when
it reboots?

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