How to analyse squid logs and wierd time stamps

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Wed Jun 4 18:52:17 PDT 2003

keith at wrote:
[ ... ]
> 1049884671.477    240 TCP_HIT/200 744 GET
> - NONE/- text/plain
> ... Whoa!
> Anyone know of a port to analyse this stuff and change what MIGHT be a
> timestamp to something a mortal like me can read??

Sure.  Install /usr/ports/net/adns and /usr/ports/www/analog.  Check out and 
update the analog config file in /usr/local/etc.

cd to where your log files are, and DNS resolve the IPs via:

adnslogres -c 20000 < access_log > access_log.dns

...then run analog against this (DNS-resolved) logfile, and it will generate 
lots of info.  You can also do other things with the DNS-resolved logfile using 
other tools, but most of 'em will prefer to start with the output of adnslogres, 
so that step is worth doing.


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