DocBook tex/pdf/ps output for different page sizes?

Farid Hajji me at
Wed Jun 4 08:05:40 PDT 2003


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how can I generate a pdf/ps copy of the handbook
or any other DocBook document using
in other pagesizes, like a4, letter, or even
a custom format? Or said another way:
which knob to I need to turn for the pagesize?

I'm using this Makefile:

  # Makefile -- Some DocBook document
  # Copyright (C) 2003 Farid Hajji,
  # $Id: Makefile,v 2003/06/04 10:47:32 farid Exp $

  DOC_PREFIX?=		/usr/doc
  DESTDIR?=		${.CURDIR}/output
  MAINTAINER=		farid.hajji at
  DOC?=			book
  FORMATS?=		pdf
  BOOK_OUTPUT?=		yes

  # Always synchronize the SRCS with chapters.ent
  SRCS+=	book.sgml
  SRCS+=	src/chap_01.sgml
  SRCS+=	src/chap_02.sgml
  # etc...
  SRCS+=  chapters.ent

  .include "${DOC_PREFIX}/share/mk/"

I'm just trying to modify the default page size, that's all.
Everything else works as expected.

Many thanks,


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