Repositioning /var | /tmp to avoid disk full condition

Sunil Sunder Raj unixtools at
Wed Jun 4 05:53:43 PDT 2003


# umount /var
# mv /var /usr
# ln -s /usr/var /var

In /etc/fstab remove the line containing /var


>From: Joseph Maxwell <jemaxwell at>
>To: FreeBSD Users <questions at FreeBSD.ORG>
>Subject: Repositioning /var | /tmp to avoid disk full condition
>Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 11:58:23 -0700
>The 3rd edition of "The Complete FreeBSD" suggest repositioning the /var
>directory ( and even /tmp) to prevent filling up that partition. I
>ignored it and did just that today, filled it up. So I attempted the
>repositioning with the following recommended command steps and results:
>      cd /var
>      tar cf - . | (cd /usr/var; tar xf - )
>      cd /
>      rm -rf /var
>      ln -s /usr/var /var
>However the  'rm -rf /var' returned
>      rm: /var: Device busy
>After trying all known tricks to me to remove /var, I concluded that
>since it was mounted from the /etc/fstab I should dismount it and remove
>the directory (link point ?) and create a soft link there as
>recommended. However, on rebooting boot was aborted, was thrown into
>single users mode. After some findangling eventually got the system back
>up as before with the /var directory, except that now it contains only
>the /var/cron and /var/run directories.
>The original /var contained
>      /var/account:
>      /var/at:
>      /var/backups:
>      /var/crash:
>      /var/cron:
>      /var/db:
>      /var/games:
>      /var/log:
>      /var/lost+found:
>      /var/mail:
>      /var/msgs:
>      /var/preserve:
>      /var/qmail:
>      /var/run:
>      /var/rwho:
>      /var/smtpd:
>      /var/spool:
>      /var/tmp:
>      /var/webmin:
>      /var/yp:
>How can I restore the full functioning structural integrity as before,
>of course the contents of the /usr/var directory was wiped out somwhere
>along the way, sans log, sans mail, sans everything. Just want to
>continue as before.
>--  Joe  --
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