Teilhard Knight teilhk at phreaker.net
Tue Jun 3 23:38:42 PDT 2003


Apsfilter doesn't work for me. I have read all the manual and checked all 
possible sources of failure, and I do not find where it goes wrong. I get an 
excellent test printout, but apart from that, the spooler fails to send any 
jobs to the printer. On the other hand, cups works great on me. I have had 
reports that it doesn't work with KOffice, but I haven't checked that.

I write because apsfilter handles .dvi files, and apparently cups does not. I 
work quite a bit with TeX, and I am very interested in printing .dvi files in 
a desjket printer. Does anybody know about a workaround?

If it helps at all, my printer is an HP Laserjet 845c.

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