dot.bashrc, where is it?

Jim Trigg jtrigg at
Tue Jun 3 17:05:17 PDT 2003

On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 04:04:53PM +0200, Didier Wiroth wrote:
> I'm asking because I'm reading "The Complete Freebsd, 4th Edition" book, at
> page 94 "Changing the default shell for root" there is a comment:
> "After installation, you may want to change the default shell... Bash... If
> you have installed instant-workstation, you should copy the file
> /usr/share/skel/dot.bashrc to root's home directroy and call..."
> I had a look at the Makefile of the /usr/ports/misc/instant-workstation
> port. I can't figure out where or how this file (dot.bashrc) could have been
> installed from this port?! I have the bash2 shell pkg/port installed and in
> my mind, this is the only port where the dot.bashrc file could be installed,
> but this isn't obviously the case. 

instant-workstation is a meta-port that causes other ports, including bash2,
to be installed.

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